Technical Discussions every Fourth Friday of the Month

On the Fourth Friday of every month, we will be holding a technical discussion on different ham radio topics. The first topic will be held on March 30, on Digital Modes in Ham Radio, and the first discussion will be led by KB1VYI. Discussion will include different fundamental information, technical engineering design of the signal, and a demonstration of the a couple modes here down at the radio club.
Some modes include:
Club members and non-club members are welcome to partake. The discussion will begin at 8pm Friday. Email for more details!

Field Day June 24 and June 25!

Field day is coming upon us quickly! We will be having field day at our normal site in Slaters Park in Pawtucket, Rhode Island at the Marconi Gardens Site. Setup will start early at 10 and we invite everyone. Non-Hams, Ham’s, and those who are interested.  We hope to get many visitors and have many members who are willing to help those interested in the hobby and those who want to join in on a club.  For more information contact Tyler at