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Field Day Results 2018

Field Day was a great success for us and we made many contacts (roughly 1400 to be specific) which is an improvement over last year. We were able to operate the radio throughout the 24 hour period and even activity on 15m and 10m opened up in the morning on Sunday until the close of the contest.
Many thanks to our operators:
Most contacts were made on phone while Digital and CW made up about 25% of our contacts. Hope to have even more operators next year as well.
73 de KB1VYI

Field Day Field Day Field Day!

Field Day Field Day Field Day is coming! W1AQ will plan to operate at Slater Park in Pawtucket Rhode Island in the Marconi Gardens! Field Day will take place June 23 – June 24. We are looking for operators, if you are interested in Ham Radio or want to come by an operate feel free to Contact the Secretary at [email protected]! Come buy and take a visit and come see whats new at W1AQ!

Friday Night Technical Presentation May 4th at 8:30 PM

The next Friday night technical presentation and discussion will be held on Friday May 4th at 8:30 PM. The topic will go over QRP and Portable operations. This will include some technical discussion on system losses and power options along with some of KB1VYI’s personal equipment for portable and QRP operations. As usual, coffee and dessert will be served for the presentation. The event is open to club members and the public. Hope to see you there!

Technical Discussions every Fourth Friday of the Month

On the Fourth Friday of every month, we will be holding a technical discussion on different ham radio topics. The first topic will be held on March 30, on Digital Modes in Ham Radio, and the first discussion will be led by KB1VYI. Discussion will include different fundamental information, technical engineering design of the signal, and a demonstration of the a couple modes here down at the radio club.
Some modes include:
Club members and non-club members are welcome to partake. The discussion will begin at 8pm Friday. Email [email protected] for more details!