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Field Day June 24 and June 25!

Field day is coming upon us quickly! We will be having field day at our normal site in Slaters Park in Pawtucket, Rhode Island at the Marconi Gardens Site. Setup will start early at 10 and we invite everyone. Non-Hams, Ham’s, and those who are interested.  We hope to get many visitors and have many members who are willing to help those interested in the hobby and those who want to join in on a club.  For more information contact Tyler at [email protected]

Spar Island Success!

We all had a beautiful day August 29th for our DXpedition to Spar Island in Mount Hope Bay.  We had around 250 contacts worked for the day in about 5 hours of operation.  Wind conditions really picked up during the afternoon hours making it really difficult to operate and listen in on the very weak incoming signals.  We got really good signal reports with our salt water amplifier and maybe we will even go out again for this next year.  Thank you for all that worked us.


KB1VYISpar Island

Field Day 2015 Review

Field Day 2015 was a success for the club.  Many contacts were made despite conditions and it was good having several operators throughout the 24 hour operating period.  Weather certainly wasn’t fantastic with heavy rain and windy conditions but the weather held during setup and breakdown which allowed for operation throughout the night.  Modes worked ranged from RTTY to SSB and CW.  We had several visitors throughout the day including citizens from the Pawtucket, RI area and Emergency Coordinators from the City of Pawtucket.  It was certainly a fun filled and exciting weekend.

Field Day3 (800x600)   IMG_20150627_155646 (800x600)

W1AQ DX-pedition to Spar Island!

The club will be taking a trip, in late August, to Spar Island, a small sandbar out in Mount Hope Bay. The club will be taking a couple of boats owned by club members Steve (N1IBC) and Doug (N2RDF) down to the island for a 24 hour operating session down on the sandbar. The club will be operating with a home made vertical antenna on fiber glass masts. This is all in hopes that the weather will hold! Updates on date finalization to come.Spar Island